Architecture Of Spain

Architecture in Spain: the characteristics of styles and famous buildings

On the architecture of Spain has left their mark various historical events, the cultural life of the population.

Architecture of Spain stands out in three basic styles: Moorish, Gothic and romance, the peculiarities of which we will introduce to you.

Moorish architecture of Spain of the VIII-XI century

Architecture of Spain in the Moorish style is, indeed, fabulous facilities, creating a sense of airiness and unreality.

In construction was used by the Moors domed, arched, columned shapes and patterns of the Arabic alphabet, since people and animals to depict forbidden by the Koran.

The Moors — the children of the desert, so, with great trepidation treated water. Consequently, the Moorish architecture of Spain replete with inner courtyards with fountains and ponds. These elements contribute to the elegance and luxurious beauty of the palaces, fortresses and mosques.

Building in the style of Moorish architecture in Spain

Romance architecture Spain XI-XIII century

In the period of XI-XIII centuries one of the most important historical events in Spain the Reconquista. This is the Crusades of the Christians against the Moors with the aim of returning its territories. At this time there is the growing influence of the Church and the spread of religious dogma is most active. And regular armed clashes prompted the construction of impregnable fortresses. Thus, the architecture of Spain was born the new style — romance.

For the romance style of Spanish architecture characterized by severe, and at the same time, spectacular appearance. Structures were built of large stones, the walls were not decorated with beautiful, ornate mouldings, and battlements to protect the fortress in case of attack. A large number of towers underscores the unsettling mood of the time.

Constructions in romance style of Spanish architecture

the Cathedral of St. James in Santiago de Compostela;

the fortress of Avila in Castile;

the alcázar in Segovia;

the old Cathedral in Salamanca .

The Gothic architecture of Spain XIII-XVI centuries

At the turn of the thirteenth century in the construction of religious buildings began to develop a new direction in the architecture of Spanish — Gothic. This trend was created by the Catholic monastic order of the Cistercians, preaching the ascetic way of life aimed at spiritual development, without the benefits of civilization.

For of Spanish architecture in the Gothic style characteristic shape of the ribs of the vault and the use of Lancet arches. One of the features of the Gothic — a large number of chapels and sacristy surrounding cathedrals, therefore, structures in the Gothic style, as a rule, expanded in width, losing the feeling of high flying and monumentality.

In the Gothic architecture of Spain has created a smooth surface of the walls, against which were decorated decoration in the form of vague patterns. This feature becomes fundamental for all future architecture of Spain.

Buildings in the Gothic style of architecture of Spain XIII-XVI centuries

the monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes in Toledo;

the monastery of Sao Tome in Avila;

the Church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona;

the Cathedral in Burgos;

The Cathedral in león.

Many buildings in the country are of mixed styles, as the construction of cathedrals lasted for centuries. Therefore, the architecture of Spain is the historical embodiment of the will of the rulers and the desires of the common people.

Modern architecture of Barcelona: the purpose and the difference

Modern architecture of Barcelona, blending with ancient buildings, without making any disharmony in the appearance of the cultural capital of Spain.

Despite the fact that a prominent architect of the majority of buildings in Barcelona is a great and unique Antonio Gaudi, modern developers have been able to contribute to the development of the architecture of many new and interesting things. The most famous buildings of modern architecture of Barcelona we want you to submit.

Torre Agbar

Features of modern architecture of Barcelona is reflected in this structure most clearly, therefore, the Torre Agbar was declared the symbol of the XXI century. Nectarwine lights the whole city, thanks to led technology, although built by the architect Jean Nouvel with the use of conventional building materials: cement, steel rods and glass.

The Agbar tower is only accessible in the first floor lobby, but it’s worth it! Small Windows let in thin lines of light, creating the feeling of being in a Gothic Church with colorful stained-glass Windows.

Fish By Frank Gehry

Strange shapes, shiny appearance of the building and experienced by tourists in shock after examination his creations — all this modern architecture of Barcelona in the person of Frank Gehry. The structure in the form of shimmering fish swimming under water, is in the nature of sculpture and has no functional use.

But the Spaniards like to surprise others, therefore, and the Gehry building is the place to be. The fact is that upon close examination of the building once it becomes clear that from the distance sparkle the fish, that seemed to be Golden, actually completely transparent and empty inside!

And, as they say in Barcelona, this is only the beginning! Therefore, you can expect even more original and unique buildings of modern architecture of Barcelona, where you will enjoy working not only Spanish but also European famous architects.

The architecture of Madrid’s experimental format

Architecture of Madrid is not only old buildings of various styles and eras, but also modern buildings, residential areas that many would be interested in visiting.

Working-class district Vallecas and the district of Carabanchel emigrants consist of the original buildings an incredibly positive colors.

Architecture of Madrid is presented here real estate social purpose, which only creates a positive mood of the poor people living here.

House bin Laden

This building is a unique sample of architecture of Madrid, the likes of which is not yet available. Residential house with unusual open space in the middle is designed to break stereotypical images of construction of social housing for low-income families.

Thus, residential building height of 21 floor, got the observation deck for free use. In addition, the house is divided into 9 zones, which differ in color, texture of materials used. Open space for the residents of the house named him after leader of terrorist group al-Qaida.

A unique project

The leadership of the famous football club “real Madrid” developing a project “Island resort real Madrid”. The island in the form of the emblem of the club will be located close to the United Arab Emirates. Here will be built villas, five-star hotel, amusement Park and Museum of “real Madrid” and the world’s first stadium with one side open to the Mediterranean. The island project will be operational in 2015.

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