Are there ancient pyramids in Europe

Are there ancient pyramids in Europe

In 2003, amidst a densely populated, thoroughly lived-in Italy discovered three ancient pyramids up to 150 meters, resembling the Egyptian. They are hidden under the hills, overgrown with grass, bushes and cypress trees, near the town of Montevecchia, 40 kilometers from Milan. The opening is made by Aerophotos snapshot, which caught my eye three cone-shaped hill located in a straight line. They are visible and photos grafiek the satellite. As shown by the first excavations, pyramids are made of stone not less than 5 thousand years ago.

What was the gait of Australopithecus

In 1998, experts from the University of Liverpool (UK) have simulated on the computer screen with the gait of Australopithecus was the ancient ancestor of man. They proceeded from the size of its bones found in Africa (the afar desert). It was known that Australopithecus walked on two legs. But scientists wondered how: how chimps and other large monkeys, which sometimes stand on hind legs and walk hunched over, bending the knees and dropping his hands below the knees, or as a modern person? If the computer Australopithecus was forced to go in the manner of monkeys, he was constantly falling forward . Human gait was given to him much better. So it was concluded that our ancestor more than 3 million years ago moved like a human being.

How long have people used wood as a building material and fuel

The most ancient evidence of the use of wood as a building material found in the vicinity of the waterfall Kalambiya in Tanzania. The age of this find is estimated to be around 60 thousand years. With regard to the use of wood for fires, according to archaeologists, man has been doing it for at least 750 thousand years ago.

Where was invented the world’s first alphabet

The first in the history of the alphabets – a system of signs to record audio letters appeared around 1500 BC in the Levant (the General name of the Eastern Mediterranean). One of them, Ugaritic, cuneiform was used. Another, Phoenician, was based on newly invented signs. Founded in the Phoenician alphabet principles because of their simplicity and accessibility have been adopted by the Greeks and Romans and formed the basis of all modern writing, including the Cyrillic alphabet.

That older than the pyramids or megalithic structures of the Stonehenge type

Construction of ancient Egyptian pyramids is a five step pyramid at Saqqara, erected by order of Pharaoh Djoser, began in the year 2640 BC, and the oldest components of the Stonehenge structures 2280-2075 dates back to years BC. Therefore, until recently, the Egyptian pyramids were more ancient structures than the megalithic complexes of the type of Stonehenge. However, in 1998, about a thousand kilometers South of Cairo were found stone obelisks arranged in a circle with a diameter of about 3.5 meters. As shown by the finder of the stones American archaeologist Fred Wendorf, this is a kind of prehistoric stone Observatory, built more than a thousand years before England’s Stonehenge. Assume that this structure created a civilization of nomadic herders, which was preceded by the civilization of Ancient Egypt. Observatory could be used to calculate the time of arrival of the summer monsoons, as the nomads were important, when will the rainy season.

When and who created the most ancient in the history of mankind a code of laws

The oldest in the history of mankind the laws were created in Mesopotamia Sumerian-Akkadian king Ur-Nammu about 2064 BC.

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