Tour of the Moravian capital

Brno is the recognized capital of Moravia, an area well known for magnificent landscapes, rich culture and numerous attractions.

Brno is full of diverse historical and cultural values. Among the most famous attractions of the city are the Gothic Cathedral. Peter and Paul fourteenth century, a narrow tower which rise high above the city buildings. The famous “wrong” Cathedral clock in 1645 the city was saved from destruction by Swedish troops – it turns out that these clock strikes noon is not at 12 but at 11 o’clock.

A true masterpiece of Gothic architecture in Moravia is the Church of the assumption of the virgin Mary, founded in the XIII century, the Royal widow Eliza Raccay.

The Church Of St. Jan recommended to attend all couples in love, because it is believed that this Holy place will bring them luck and happiness. Fans to reflect on the meaning of life should visit the Capuchin monastery, where is “Crypt mummy”.

In addition to the above temples, in Brno there are such magnificent monuments as the Church. James, the Dominican monastery with the Church of St. Michael XIII century, Church of St. Tomas XIV century.

It is also worth a look at the Old town Hall of Brno, where a huge stuffed crocodile is the symbol of the city. The town Hall building is the oldest secular building in Brno – the historic core of the building with the tower was built in 1240.

Another impressive attraction in Brno – the famous Gothic špilberk castle. In the XVI century the castle was rebuilt in Baroque powerful fortress in the XIX became an infamous prison. Near the castle survived two Gothic chapels, which are also worth visiting during the tour.

But it’s far from all the attractions of the Moravian capital. Worth a visit are also the biggest square of the city – Liberty Square, the area of the Dominicans, the area of the Vegetable Market, the square of the Capuchins. On the market square is one of the oldest theatres in Central Europe (XV century) and Moravian Museum located in the Palace of Dietrichstein (XVIII century).

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