French cathedrals

The major Gothic cathedrals of France

In the mid-twelfth century, medieval art, erasing borders of the Gothic style, gave rise to the Gothic style and changed the face of French cities.

The heart of the ensembles that grew around the main square, became the cathedrals. Giants, alien to the medieval narrowness of the streets, houses and thoughts, laid a new milestone in the history and led to a veritable construction boom .

It’s time of the cathedrals,

As the world is entering

Looking to the heavens.

Opera “Notre Dame de Paris”

The first Church erected in the Gothic style, was the Abbey of Saint-Denis – the burial place of the kings of France. Honed skills at early Gothic sanctuary in Laon, and the Church of Saint Julien at Le Mans, in 1163, the architects laid the Foundation of Notre-Dame de Paris on the ruins of an ancient temple of Diana. The choice of sites, possessing a special energy, marked the victory of the true God over sunk into Oblivion of heathen idols.

Architecture — the beauty and complexity

All the Gothic churches of France are a 3-5-nenye Basilica, equipped with a transept, a cross aisle, and polugrudov deambulatorio (bypass chorus) and adjacent crown of chapels. Sophisticated frame design characterise verticalism towers and vaults, dynamic sculptures and colorful stained-glass Windows on religious and domestic themes .

The elements of Gothic architecture

Basis from the slender pillars, pointed arches holding, skyward arcade of the upper gallery – triforium. The two towers of the Western façade, patterned vinagame, fialli and Krabbe, frame three potential portals and carved round box – the roses .

Paris chimeras

In the facades are widely used floral and geometric patterns . and gutters and balustrades “guarding” the stone chimeras and gargoyles .

The interior of the main nave usually looks more modest: it is decorated with only the carving of capitals and stained glass Windows, saturated shades of blue, yellow and red colors.

The representatives of the late “flamboyant” Gothic, for example, the French Cathedral at Rouen, already different intricate patterns nervure (ribs of the cross vault).

From the sixteenth century, “thou” yourself décor, architectural era, which left many vivid traces, has given way to the masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Notre-Dame-de-Paris – treasure

The famous facade

Nearly two hundred years were built in the center of the spiritual life of Paris, founded in 1163 on the sacred island of the Cité.

In the days of the French revolution it was declared a Temple of Reason and pretty broke. The coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804 the dilapidated walls of Notre-Dame de Paris had to decorate a drape. Only in the XIX century dusty treasure was discovered by Victor Hugo and finally restored.

This Catholic temple has a ribbed barrel-vaulted ceiling, arched Windows and flying buttresses. Light the main facade of the Basilica finds its completion in a graceful spire. In the center of the second tier glows a Gothic rose, and decoration of the lower frieze of the portal convey the horrors of “doomsday”.

In addition to the 6 organ with thousands of pipes, made in the XIX century, in the Cathedral of Notre Dame are hiding precious drenovci and crosses . And about the porch it is zero kilometer . which is the starting point of all French roads.

Luxury interior decoration

Refuge of the Holy virgin — Notre Dame de Chartres

Floating in the sky, arrows of Notre-Dame de Chartres

Even before Christianity the sacred mountain in Chartres was built pagan dolmen, and several centuries later, the Catholic Basilica.

Since IX century there was kept a part of the maternity Cover of the virgin Mary. According to legend, the Holy cloth was plunged into frantic flight of the Normans and was burned in the fire that turned the old temple into ashes.

Believing in the miracle, the priests immediately began the erection of a new Cathedral in Chartres.

To 1220 the fragments of the Western facade, an underground chapel and the “Royal portal” were covered with arched vaults.

But in 1260, Notre-Dame de Chartres was inaugurated in the presence of Louis IX.

During the construction of a 130-foot Latin cross was used “Golden section”.

The portals of the Western façade, connecting the Old Bell tower and the North tower, painted with scenes from the Testaments. 10,000 statues, 146 stained-glass Windows adorn the nave of Notre Dame de Chartres, its Central part is a mosaic maze “Path to Jerusalem”.

Bright mosaic Windows

The Catholic Cathedral in Amiens – the greatness of French Gothic

The majestic beauty of the Cathedral in Amiens

Unhappy was the fate of the predecessors of the largest in France, Amiens Church: they became victims of fire and lightning. In 1218, discovered in the ruins of the temple unharmed relic, Bishop Evrard de Fuhua began the construction of another dwelling place of God on Earth is the Cathedral in Amiens.

Working under the watchful eye of Robert from Lyzarska and Thomas de Cormon was completed in 1288 .

The harmonious facade of the Church, consisting of tier portals, galleries and Windows – “rose” . is a classic of French Gothic. Three portals and two towers are decorated with bas-reliefs of “the Bible of Amiens”.

The abundance of chimeras and gargoyles dilutes the gallery of 22 French kings, crowning trifari .

The interior of the Church combines Gothic and Baroque . made by Jean-Baptiste Dupli in the eighteenth century.

The main treasure are the labyrinth for pilgrims and a tiny fragment of the skull of John the Baptist, placed in the reliquary of the transept.

The famous Amiens rose

The medieval towers of Notre-Dame in Strasbourg

The temple, soaring

The higher the building the Medieval world was built on the site of the old temple of Mars two and a half centuries.

Only in 1439, having been driven architects, and exhausted the entire Church budget, the Notre-Dame in Strasbourg regained their usual appearance.

The Western facade, built by the canons of French Gothic architecture, crowned with reliefs from the life of Christ.

Late Gothic Northern portal pays tribute to Saint Lawrence of Rome.

And the old South preserved Romanesque elements, is decorated with sculptures of the Christian Church, synagogue blind and king Solomon, judging righteous judgment.

The interior of the Catholic Cathedral of Strasbourg, drowning in the darkness, illuminated medieval stained glass Windows.

Inside the dim and quiet

Here are stored the priceless relics of the tub, hidden in a niche of St. Lawrence, and astronomical clock built in the XVI century by Gobrecht .

Remarkable cathedrals, located in Rouen, Bayeux, Bordeaux and Nantes.

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