Gothic fashion

Gothic style — a fashion trend many fashion seasons!

Stylish way from unusual outfit and bright makeup has become a popular trend not only of designer shows, but also increasingly common on city streets.

Fans of the Gothic style by Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Gucci is showing gorgeous medieval dresses and sexy collection of dresses, similar to the clothes of science fiction serials and horror films.

Fashion Gothic style originated in the mystical middle Ages.

The Inquisition, occult teachings and numerous legends with dark and sinister characters popularized intriguing outfits muted colors, complemented by unusual make-up and extravagant accessories.

In the 80-ies of the last century the Gothic became fashionable once again!

Rebellious Gothic picture overshadows bright avant-garde outfits and shiny kits in the style of Disco.

Gothic style — lots of different images!

This romantic medieval dresses, popular more than two centuries ago, and as well fashionable form-fitting kits made of leather (latex) and fantasy costumes in the style of Gothic punk pin-UPS and vamp.

Gothic is not only a fashion trend and a way of expression, but “a fairy tale for adults”!

Each image emphasizes the individuality and preferences of the owner – You can transform into an aristocratic lady in a Victorian dress, a seductive vampire, or become the heroine of a fantastic comic.

Gothic image

Gothic onion — a harmonious combination of clothes, hair and makeup, and a certain demeanor that highlights the character of Your character!

The main features of Gothic style:

Sober colors.

In the Gothic style dominated by black color and a shade of Bordeaux, but there are purple, dark green, blue and purple outfits.

Fantasy silver jewelry with religious or occult themes with a cross, skull or bones, and aristocratic tiaras, brooches, cameos, rings and long pendant earrings.

Unusual hairstyle, manicure and extravagant makeup.

Black hair color contrasts with bright Gothic makeup pale porcelain skin, heavily made-up eyes and bright lips.

Avant-garde Gothic clothing.

Gothic clothing depends on the character that You want to create. This may be the way Gothic Victorian dresses, corsets and supplemented by catchy decorative trim with ribbons, lace, ruffles and lace, as well as more modern sets from blouses and fishnet skirts with slits and transparent inserts.

Gothic accessories may be diverse, but should mimic the trends of the past centuries!

Your choice lots of accessories: bags vintage, lace umbrellas, hats with veils, wigs, fans, gloves!

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