Gothic fonts


We have this amazing compilation of Russian and Latin fonts Gothic. On website e we have placed bollshoy sets Gothic fonts compatible with Adobe Photoshop. All the variety of Gothic fonts that You can download for free. All fonts and and Russian with a Latin keyboard layout you can easily install on your computer.

What’s a Gothic (in a nutshell).

There is Gothic architecture (know it all), Gothic literature (the literature of death, loneliness, and sadness), Gothic music in the past century there was a Gothic worldview ( the main principle of which – “Die laughing!”- die smiling). But we want to introduce You to the best in Gothic culture – Gothic font. If philosophy is ready – this is Your way, if You always strive for more (in life, music, art), looking for beauty in a world where it is no more, the Gothic font is for You. If You try to change every grey, banal day – to make emotions and feelings through music, style of clothes, make-up, especially Gothic font created for You. Well, if by simple Gothic font is just a special way of writing in Roman characters. But we will offer You a free download such a unique thing, as Russian Gothic font.

for the history of the Gothic font. Gothic font — emerged in the XI century. Since the beginning of the printing appeared inlaid Gothic fonts — famous Gutenberg Bible was typed in Gothic font. The name itself was proposed in the XV century figures by the Italians, who considered such Gothic fonts “barbaric” (from the German barbarous people ready). For writing the Gothic font used crow feathers, cut on the diagonal. The letter was located in the Gothic font is a very tightly — to conserve expensive parchment (hence the English name blackletter — Blackletter).

On this page You can download a nice selection of Latin and Russian Gothic fonts.

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