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Tour of the Moravian capital

Brno is the recognized capital of Moravia, an area well known for magnificent landscapes, rich culture and numerous attractions.

Brno is full of diverse historical and cultural values. Among the most famous attractions of the city are the Gothic Cathedral. Peter and Paul fourteenth century, a narrow tower which rise high above the city buildings. The famous “wrong” Cathedral clock in 1645 the city was saved from destruction by Swedish troops – it turns out that these clock strikes noon is not at 12 but at 11 o’clock.

A true masterpiece of Gothic architecture in Moravia is the Church of the assumption of the virgin Mary, founded in the XIII century, the Royal widow Eliza Raccay.

The Church Of St. Jan recommended to attend all couples in love, because it is believed that this Holy place will bring them luck and happiness. Fans to reflect on the meaning of life should visit the Capuchin monastery, where is “Crypt mummy”.

In addition to the above temples, in Brno there are such magnificent monuments as the Church. James, the Dominican monastery with the Church of St. Michael XIII century, Church of St. Tomas XIV century.

It is also worth a look at the Old town Hall of Brno, where Continue reading

Cult The Oldest Stone Structure In The World

The cultivation of cannabis. The necessary conditions for growing marijuana and cannabis.

Newgrange New Grange, Shi-An-Age-Is.

Newgrange new Grange, Shi-an-ASU (Irish Si an Bhru) is the oldest religious stone structure in the world. The property consists of megaliths and the complex of brú na bóinne is located in Ireland.

Presumably, the age takes the countdown from 3600 BC, which is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

This area for a long time unfortunately was used as farmland. In 1688 these lands went into the possession of Charles Campbell. His servants found Newgrange when I was looking for rocks for construction. First, the construction seemed to them a simple cave, but then was discovered a long narrow passage leading to a large room. Workers immediately reported the find to the owner who told antiquary, naturalist and philologist Edward Lugo. In the end Lug Newgrange announced his discovery and called it a tomb, or the tomb simply put prehistoric grave. Later, many questioned this hypothesis, for example Charles Vallance, considering that it is rather used for rituals and astronomical purposes. In 1983 Martin Brennan published the book “the Stones of Time”, which leads a lot of details that refute the theory of the burial tomb and a religious building of the ancient Continue reading

Buildings of antiquity


In the South-West of the Cala Apokoronas at the 15th kilometer of the national road of Chania – Rethymno, at an altitude of about two hundred meters, with stunning views of Souda Bay, was built one of the largest cities of ancient Western Crete is Aptera .

In the center of the Aptera today is the monastery of St. John The Theologian In Patmos. surrounded by the picturesque village of Kalami and Megala Chorafia and Paleokastro. In the North, offers panoramic views of Souda Bay with the Islands of Levkas in his mouth. In the East the eyes of the travelers delight all kinds of shades of green in the valley Ciliare, and to the West rises Malaxa.

This place was previously known under the name of Paleokastro. About who built it, when and why is it called Aptera, as in other Cretan cities of antiquity, there are several versions.

It is reported that the name of the city derives from the name of the founder of the Crete king of Ptera or Aptera, who built the temple of Apollo at Delphi in 1800 BC

According to a more attractive version of the name was due to the dispute of the Muses and the Sirens. The legend says that this ancient city of Crete was held a musical competition in honor of the God Apollo among the Muses and the Sirens. The judges gave the victory to the Muses. This decision led Siren into a rage, they ripped out your wings and left “Aptera” (wingless) and white because of the feathers that covered them.

Then they withdrew to the island of Levkas (White), which received its Continue reading

Architecture Of Spain

Architecture in Spain: the characteristics of styles and famous buildings

On the architecture of Spain has left their mark various historical events, the cultural life of the population.

Architecture of Spain stands out in three basic styles: Moorish, Gothic and romance, the peculiarities of which we will introduce to you.

Moorish architecture of Spain of the VIII-XI century

Architecture of Spain in the Moorish style is, indeed, fabulous facilities, creating a sense of airiness and unreality.

In construction was used by the Moors domed, arched, columned shapes and patterns of the Arabic alphabet, since people and animals to depict forbidden by the Koran.

The Moors — the children of the desert, so, with great trepidation treated water. Consequently, the Moorish architecture of Spain replete with inner courtyards with fountains and ponds. These elements contribute to the elegance and luxurious beauty of the palaces, fortresses and mosques.

Building in the style of Moorish architecture in Spain

Romance architecture Spain XI-XIII century

In the period of XI-XIII centuries one of the most important historical events in Spain the Reconquista. This is the Crusades of the Christians against the Moors with the aim of returning its territories. At this time there is Continue reading

Croatia ancient architecture

Tours of tours tour Search Hotels Resorts Attraction Tickets flights Schedule to Croatia

Croatian culture has absorbed a variety of influences that in the first place is due to the difficult history of this country. Painting, music and architecture developed under the influence of European and even Asian countries. But purely Croatian culture remained for the entire world virtually unknown Today, after independence, Croatia has been actively promoting their own talents, not hiding his success under the banner of Yugoslavia. Croatian culture is dynamically developing and is flourishing.

Croatian architecture is extremely varied, which is surprising, given the small size of this country. Unfortunately, the civil war has caused irreparable damage to many monuments. In 1991 suffered Dubrovnik, but thanks to the international funds managed to recover. However, in the East many interesting and significant monuments that had been damaged in the war, still waiting for recovery.

Ancient architecture

In Croatia has preserved many of its ancient history. Illyrian fortress served as reliable strongholds for centuries. The Illyrians and built many fortified settlements in the interior of the country. The amphitheatre in Pula and Diocletian’s Palace in split – a great Roman monuments. The Romans are well settled in Croatia Continue reading

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