The Island Of Cité

The Island Of Cité

In each city, whether small town or a metropolis, is the center of attraction, center not so much geographically, but the cultural, historical and whatever. Paris is one of those few cities in which these centers of gravity, which has every reason to claim the title of “city centre”, several. Than, say, the Louvre or the Eiffel tower did not deserve such a title? But there is in Paris a place that is the true heart of the capital of France, the point from which started the history of this amazing city – the island of cité.

“Where did the French land. ”

Island of the cité is the historical heart of Paris, this plot of land, surrounded by river Seine, the original size, according to various estimates, from 8 to 10 hectares, started the construction of the city. Written sources indicate that it was on this island already in the III century BC there was a small settlement of local Gallic (Celtic) tribe) parisii (it is from this name in IV century ad and the present name derives from the French capital). However, not yet found archaeological evidence of the presence of pre-Roman settlement, but most scientists still think it is shite is the oldest inhabited part of Paris. Be that as it may, in the course Continue reading

Shartash megaliths

In Eastern and South-Eastern sector of the Park Shartash there are a number of quite unusual and of unknown purpose. At first glance, they can be attributed to the natural landforms (as marked on the old maps and rare now), or the traces of human activity (thus, official history and archaeology carries it to the quarry of the XIX and XX centuries). However, strict geometry plans, multidirectional cut the corners of the walls, the thick joints of the giant granite slabs, circular as in the amphitheater, carved heavy plate- “seat” and many other oddities about the cult background data megalithic structures.

There is the view of some scholars that these objects are most likely a temple complex constructed on a natural Foundation of granite slabs and subjected for thousands of years the processes of weathering. Granite isomorphic. Therefore when splitting forms a straight line. In addition, natural criminalist longitudinal nature, creating a stratified granite, creates natural preconditions for the formation of future “mattress” weathering.

Shartash “foundations” can be considered either purely natural forms of relief, in fact, depicted on topographic maps, or mixed – natural and anthropogenic (quarries). A number of signs indicating Continue reading

The great structures

The main features of the relief of Russia

Relief — a set of land surface roughness. Depend on other components of nature. The slope of the surface determines the direction of flow of rivers and moving glaciers. An extensive low plains air masses move freely over large distances, and the mountains block their path. Mountainous terrain is an obstacle not only winds, but also the distribution of plants and animals. The nature of the surface is of great importance for life and economic activity. Plain more convenient for settlements, for the construction of Railways to agriculture and constructions of industrial enterprises. Mountains often associated with mining enterprises and sectors of agriculture — livestock.

The placement of large forms of relief. Russia is located North of the belt of high mountain ranges, crossing Eurasia from West to East from the Iberian Peninsula to the Himalayas. The topography is highly heterogeneous and contrasting. Its highest point — Elbrus mountain in the Caucasus — 5642 m reaches, and the coast of the Caspian sea is 28 meters below Global sea level. More than half of Russia’s territory is made of plains. To the West of the Yenisei are mostly low plains: Eastern European (Russian) and Western-Siberian. They are separated by the low Ural mountains. To the East of the Yenisei area is raised. Here is an extensive elevated plain is the Central Siberian plateau. On the East and partially in the South of Russia are climbing mountains. General Continue reading

Gothic architecture

The Gothic style was the first rather original architectural style which was born in Northern Europe. More than 300 years the rising up, penetrated by light cathedrals and churches were an embodiment of humility and arrogance of medieval Christians.

The Romanesque style dominated architecture in the early middle ages, was impressed, first of all, the squat massiveness of forms. Thick walls, huge columns and powerful buttresses left little room light that did cathedrals and churches, gloomy and strict constructions plunging in awe. Then, in the middle of the TWELFTH century, in France there was a completely different type of Church constructions. Though their spires seemed to touch the heavens, structurally new churches were much more graceful and easier. Inside the building amazed the height and abundance of light. Continue reading

Ancient structures

Architecture is one of the oldest art forms, expressing in religious and public facilities the Outlook of the people in a particular historical period, a particular art style. A. the synthesis is perceived in all forms of art and artistic creativity, to human activities in General.

ARCHITECTURE (lat. architecture, from GK. architektôn — Builder; eng. FR. architecture, it. Architektur. Baukunst), architecture — building, other structures or their complexes forming material, artistically organized environment of human life. Also — the art of shaping this spatial environment, to create a new reality of having a functional value, generating a man a favor and give aesthetic pleasure. The term covers the design appearance of structures; the organisation of internal space; the choice of materials for outdoor and indoor use, system design natural and artificial lighting, and utility systems; water and electricity; decoration.

There are three main types of architecture.

architecture of big structures. It includes iconic and fortified buildings, houses, public buildings (schools, theatres, stadiums, Continue reading

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