Gothic fonts


We have this amazing compilation of Russian and Latin fonts Gothic. On website e we have placed bollshoy sets Gothic fonts compatible with Adobe Photoshop. All the variety of Gothic fonts that You can download for free. All fonts and and Russian with a Latin keyboard layout you can easily install on your computer.

What’s a Gothic (in a nutshell).

There is Gothic architecture (know it all), Gothic literature (the literature of death, loneliness, and sadness), Gothic music in the past century there was a Gothic worldview ( the main principle of which – “Die laughing!”- die smiling). But we want to introduce You to the best in Gothic culture – Gothic font. If philosophy is ready – this is Your way, if You always strive for more (in life, music, art), looking for beauty in a world where it is no more, the Gothic font is for You. If You try to change every grey, banal day – to make emotions and feelings through music, style of clothes, make-up, especially Gothic font created for You. Well, if by simple Gothic font is just a special way of writing in Roman characters. But we will offer You a free download such a unique thing, as Russian Gothic font.

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France – Salvador Dali

The birthplace of Gothic architecture was France, experiencing at XII-XIII. co-schy heyday. In Central France in the XII century was built the Church of the Abbey of Saint Denis. When its construction was first applied to the frame structure and stained glass Windows. One of the masterpieces of French Gothic style is the Cathedral of Notre Dame (the Cathedral was built in the X1-ХIVв.) — the famous Paris Notre Dame. Other Gothic cathedrals it stands out austere grandeur of its appearance.

Notre Dame is a grandiose three-nave Basilica, simultaneously holding about 9,000 people. Also magnificent and the Cathedral in Chartres, more than all Gothic cathedrals rich in sculpture — the number of statues reaches 2000. Sample “Mature Gothic” and “Academy of arts” has become the famous French Cathedral in Reims — the traditional place of coronation of the kings of France. Wonderful statues that adorn the West facade of the Cathedral, especially the sculptural composition “the Meeting of Mary and Elizabeth”.

The sculpture of Reims Cathedral is considered to be unsurpassed masterpiece of Gothic sculpture. In France the most famous Gothic monastery of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, which stands on a cliff. It was called La Merva that means “miracle” or “wonder”. Almost simultaneously with Reims began construction of the Cathedral in Amiens (1220). Then the Cathedral was rebuilt and reconstructed. Lyenski Cathedral — the big and tall Gothic structure Continue reading

The Great Structures Of The World

Newgrange is the oldest religious building in the world

Newgrange – religious building in Ireland, one of the oldest structures on the planet. Built it in such a way that at dawn on the shortest day of the year – the winter solstice, the sun’s rays for a very short time illuminate the chamber at the end of a long corridor. Rays enter inside through a narrow slit, and a lucky few manage to see it live

A huge complex of Newgrange was built between 3100 and 2900 BC, that means he’s approximately 5 000 years. And it is more than 500 years older than the Pyramids the Sphinx at Giza and 1000 years older than Stonehenge. In the Neolithic period, Newgrange served as the center for conducting rites and ceremonies. Later to it were added many other sites.

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York Minster


York Cathedral (York Minster) is the biggest Church in the UK, the greatest Gothic structure, which competes with Cologne Cathedral for the title of the largest medieval Church in Europe. The Cathedral is a work of architectural and stained glass art. In addition to the huge size of this Cathedral is famous for its Windows, they are recognized as the largest and most beautiful medieval stained glass Windows. The large window has 25 meters in height and covers an area of about 250 square meters. His full name is “the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York”.

The history of the Cathedral begins with a small Church built there in 627, specially for the baptism of king Edwin of Northumbria, which ten years later was renamed the Church of St. Peter. And only a few hundred years, in 1222, has started to build a Gothic Cathedral on the orders of Archbishop of York. The construction lasted more than a quarter Millennium.

Until our days the biggest Church in the UK is perfectly preserved, despite the fact that repeatedly burned. After the fire at the end of the nineteenth century, it became clear that the supporting structures of the Cathedral will not support the weight of the entire building. In this regard, in 1984 and in 2007 the building underwent major restoration work, however, the city authorities constantly watched Continue reading

Stonehenge in England

Mysterious megalithic stone structure of Stonehenge in England

Mysterious megalithic stone structure Stonehenge is located on Salisbury plain and is included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Archaeologists in our days connects this building with the druids, although many excavations pushed the creation of the monument to the early bronze or Neolithic. Most prominent is the construction of the main shaft and the main ditch, which dates to the middle of the third Millennium of a bygone era. Stonehenge looks like a huge circle, the diameter of which is about 30 meters, and the edges of which are 30 huge boulders.

On the tour you can hear the legends that directly link the appearance of the place with the name of the enchanter Merlin. But there is also the opinion put forward in the mid-17th century by famous English architect Inigo Jones that Stonehenge was built by no other than the ancient Romans. Other scholars stubbornly believe that the construction of this attraction belongs to the Germans or the doormen. Despite such predictions, a precise opinion, which was agreed to by all parties, there is still no purpose with regards to this ancient structure, nor with regards to its builders.

Tourists, as a rule, will not allow to come close to huge stones, but a small group of local tour operators allows you to get closer to him, but only early in the morning or in the evening excursions.

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Stonehenge ancient than previously thought
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Mysterious construction in Ireland
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