Pyramid Mayan

The Mayan pyramid decorated with rare polychrome paintings, was found in July of this year in Guatemala at the site of the city Holmul, classical settlements of the ancient civilization. A team of archeologists led by Francisco Estrada-Belli in the study of the pyramid found under her statue and stucco frieze, which is about nine metres, and height – about two meters. In architecture and decorative art of the frieze is a picturesque element in the form of horizontal stripes framing any part of the structure, walls or even furniture.

Archaeologists have not unearthed the frieze to the end, and most of it remains under the debris of a twenty-meter structure, built in a later period. The frieze, painted in red with details in yellow, blue and green, is an image of three men dressed in traditional Mayan headdresses with feathers of the sacred Quetzal bird.

Presumably, the frieze depicts the deified rulers of the tribe. According to another version, it captures the process of the coronation. Archaeologists are trying to understand what other functions, in addition to decorative, performed this construction.

Last year in the pyramid, was discovered a human skeleton, around which was jewelry made of precious stones, 28 ceramic vessels and a wooden funerary mask. This gave scientists the idea that the pyramid is the grave of the ruling class.

Experts have deciphered the inscriptions, painted on the frieze. They provide information about the life, political structure and religious life of the Mayan civilization in that period. Thanks to the deciphering of the text was also able to determine the age of the frieze and the statues – they were created around the year 590, that is, in the end of the early classic period in the development of civilization and 300 years before beginning its decline.

The discovery was made almost by accident when archaeologists decided to dig the trench, probably dug by looters once wishing to get stored in the pyramids of ancient values.

A team of scientists hopes to return in potenski the area in 2014 to continue the study of this building, as well as to check the safety of the frieze.

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