Stonehenge in England

Mysterious megalithic stone structure of Stonehenge in England

Mysterious megalithic stone structure Stonehenge is located on Salisbury plain and is included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Archaeologists in our days connects this building with the druids, although many excavations pushed the creation of the monument to the early bronze or Neolithic. Most prominent is the construction of the main shaft and the main ditch, which dates to the middle of the third Millennium of a bygone era. Stonehenge looks like a huge circle, the diameter of which is about 30 meters, and the edges of which are 30 huge boulders.

On the tour you can hear the legends that directly link the appearance of the place with the name of the enchanter Merlin. But there is also the opinion put forward in the mid-17th century by famous English architect Inigo Jones that Stonehenge was built by no other than the ancient Romans. Other scholars stubbornly believe that the construction of this attraction belongs to the Germans or the doormen. Despite such predictions, a precise opinion, which was agreed to by all parties, there is still no purpose with regards to this ancient structure, nor with regards to its builders.

Tourists, as a rule, will not allow to come close to huge stones, but a small group of local tour operators allows you to get closer to him, but only early in the morning or in the evening excursions.

Links Stonehenge by car by road from London to Amsberry. Also Waterloo station, frequent bus services and trains.

Travelers should take note, that bite in the Stonehenge area is almost nowhere, so all the tourists advance warning to take food with them. All the nearby coffee shops and restaurants are located just adjacent to the cities of Darrington and Amsberry.


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