The construction of the life of Christ found in Jerusalem

Mysterious stepped construction of the earthly life of Christ found in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists discovered a strange stone structure in the city of David, which, as the research shows, was built in the early 30-ies of the first century A. D. i.e. close in time to the earthly life of Jesus Christ.

The appointment of a stepped pyramidal structure of stone blocks is still a mystery, although there is reason to believe that it could be a pedestal for anything used in the Second temple period.

According to doctors Joe Uziel and Nason of Canton, employees of the Israeli antiquities service (ISD), “because we have no clear archaeological analogues of this stepped structure, the purpose of the construction of such a pyramid ladder remains unknown. Such a construction is not known, not only in Jerusalem but anywhere in the world.” The construction set the rising speed of the street where the pilgrims were going up to the Temple, came down again and passed to the Siloam font. Believe that street was built over an ancient drainage channel through which stormwater and sewage flowed out of the city.

A mysterious structure built of large, elaborately carved stone blocks or “Aslanov” – that is, material that was widely used for city construction in that period, so the archaeologists conclude that it was built at the same time. Despite the stepped design of the buildings, the stairs do not lead to some kind of structure. Around the step pyramid the scientists also found clay vessels, glass, and stone container. Early rabbinic texts give some reasons to believe that it could be the runway that was used or government heralds for important alerts or street preachers. Dr. Uziel says: “We can also assume that the podium served as a place for managers, which resembled the pilgrims on how to behave in Church, temple contributions, or to notify about something else”.

To the question about whether there is a possibility that Jesus walked the stairs of this building or on the pavement of the street, Dr. Uziel responded that this is unlikely, because both the structure and roadway were built, probably several years after the earthly life of Jesus. But the street probably already existed in his time and, according to the archaeologist, he could easily go this way.

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