The great pyramids

Secrets Of The Great Pyramid

Pyramids, whose properties have repeatedly studied by researchers, represent a unique example of how incredible the level of environmental knowledge possessed by the ancient builders of monuments near the city of Giza. In confirmation of these words, we will present the results of several scientific researches conducted at the Institute of theoretical and experimental Biophysics RAS, which fully reflects the healing properties of pyramids.

To start with, scientists have tried to figure out how the shape of a pyramid, the properties of which, on assurances of many foreign researchers include the possibility of exposure to all kinds of living matter, influence the animals. In an ordinary pyramid (a miniature analogue of ancient structures on the Giza plateau) was placed in a special solution, which were then treated mice. It turned out that the solution has acquired the properties of anti-stress effects, and in its composition we optimized the cellularity of the thymus, enhance the immunological status of the organism.

Next, we tested the ability of mice to improve the ability to resist infections after their “visit” pyramids, properties which increasingly amazed scientists. It turned out that the animal’s immune system had really improved, significantly compared to the control group of animals that are not placed in a pyramid.

Naturally, the following studies have already touched the man. As researchers found, the energy field of the pyramid is able to have stimulating effects on the activity and lifespan of human cells. In order to test the possibility of strengthening the immunological status of the organism in the pyramid was placed an immunoglobulin at a concentration of 0.5 μg/ml. this concentration was not able to exert a protective action on human cells, but only to stay in the pyramid. After this action, the protective properties of immunoglobulin increased more than 100 times!

Healing miracles continued after scientists found that water, “charged” in the pyramid, can increase the speed of clotting and the number of platelets in it, however, the effect of such exposure was studied so far only in rabbits.

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