These mysterious pyramids

These mysterious pyramids.

Huge tombs, having the form of quadrangular pyramids, seem mysterious messengers from the distant past. But what are these structures – tombs or something else? What is the meaning of these monumental structures? Such issues of concern to mankind for decades.

In ancient times and today the shape of the pyramids showed the harmony of the universe. It was fundamental for all natural disasters. The Egyptian pyramids are a great example of such manifestations. They are known to all. These giants grow out of the Egyptian sand and strike the man with its size and drawn forms.

However, the pyramids of Egypt far from the only one of its kind. A similar complex of pyramids is located in Tibet. Originally, scientists thought that it was just an ordinary mountain, acquired over time a pyramidal shape. However, using a number of modern technologies and materials, scientists have found that these objects are not the result of tectonic activity of the Earth. They have their faces stepped, about the same as the Mexican pyramids and the Egyptian pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser.

In the study of the pyramid of the Pharaoh Cheops scientist Antoine Bowie noticed a number of unusual phenomena. The corpses of animals that were kept inside the pyramid, were mummified.

The scientist returned to France and decided to conduct the following experiment. He built a pyramid with sides of only about a meter and have positioned the building in relation to the four cardinal directions in a special way. Inside Bowie put a dead cat and began to observe. He was surprised to find that the corpse did not decompose over a long period of time.

An experiment, similar to what Bowie did in some organic substances in laboratories. The result: a complete lack of decay.

Only in 50-ies of the scientist by the name Durban was able to determine the relationship between the spatial forms of the pyramid and the processes that occur within it.

According to his calculations, it appeared that on the size of the pyramids depends on the speed of the processes that occurred inside her. There was one unique experiment, in which energy pyramid from cardboard, which was strictly oriented in space, could sharpen a razor blade. This invention even patented.

They say that the pyramid even reduces the risk of disease and increases life expectancy.

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