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The art of the Aegean world

The art of the Aegean world. Archaeological discoveries, periods.

Aegean civilization one of the ancient civilizations. It has been developed in

for two thousand years (from 3000 to 1200 years BC). The territory, which it

held: the Aegean sea and its Islands, Cycladic island, Peninsula

The Peloponnese, the West coast of Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The center of the Aegean culture is the island of Crete.

The first successful archeological excavations date back to 1876-the year in Mycenae and 1899-the year in Crete. Peak archaeological excavations clung to the NINETEENTH century. Then it was excavated several large cities: Poliochne (Lemnos island), Phylakopi (Milos island), Troy, Micena. In Poliochne was investigated wall height of 5 m; in Three of the Royal residence; in Crete the palaces of Knossos, Phaistos and Mallia; a in Mycenae Acropolis.

The most important discoveries can be called the conclusion of the English archaeologist

Arthur Evans in the early twentieth century. After their amazing discoveries in Crete, he first

compared them with the ancient Greek literature, Egyptian and Asian texts, and came to the conclusion that the culture of Crete to be associated with the cultures of Egypt and other countries of the ancient East. After that, he presented his version of the periodization of Aegean civilization and called it Minoan. The gist of it is to share Continue reading

The oldest buildings of the world

The oldest buildings of the world

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How to buy real estate, how many you can sell, in what country are there the most favorable conditions of real estate acquisition, etc. Erection of buildings, people paid great attention since ancient times. Before our time preserved some specimens of the architectural ideas of our forefathers. Such real estate cannot be bought, because it represents a universal value, then it optionally, you can admire, admiring the scale of thought.

On today’s significant architectural structure that we know today was built around three thousand BC in Egypt. We are talking about the pyramid of Djoser. This pyramid was the first structure of the kind in the history of mankind. It reaches a height of 60 meters. Another one of the masterpieces of ancient Egyptian architecture the pyramid of Sneferu in Meduma, the construction of which dates back to approximately 2 600 year BC.

Height of the building is less than 120 meters. In a list of similar architectural creations can be called well-known Continue reading

The Island Of Cité

The Island Of Cité

In each city, whether small town or a metropolis, is the center of attraction, center not so much geographically, but the cultural, historical and whatever. Paris is one of those few cities in which these centers of gravity, which has every reason to claim the title of “city centre”, several. Than, say, the Louvre or the Eiffel tower did not deserve such a title? But there is in Paris a place that is the true heart of the capital of France, the point from which started the history of this amazing city – the island of cité.

“Where did the French land. ”

Island of the cité is the historical heart of Paris, this plot of land, surrounded by river Seine, the original size, according to various estimates, from 8 to 10 hectares, started the construction of the city. Written sources indicate that it was on this island already in the III century BC there was a small settlement of local Gallic (Celtic) tribe) parisii (it is from this name in IV century ad and the present name derives from the French capital). However, not yet found archaeological evidence of the presence of pre-Roman settlement, but most scientists still think it is shite is the oldest inhabited part of Paris. Be that as it may, in the course Continue reading

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