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Famous Gothic buildings

Spain. The Gothic quarter in Barcelona

The Gothic quarter is the oldest part of the city, situated between the Ramblas and vía Avenue Laetana (Via Laietana). At this place in the reign of Emperor Augustus (27 BC – 14 ad), the Romans founded a settlement (colonia). In the early XX century, during the reign of dictator Primo de Rivera architects gave the historic center of Barcelona called the Gothic quarter. In 1925-1927, this name was officially confirmed. With the Gothic period have been preserved residential building and dumping near the street via Laetana.

The main value of the Gothic quarter to the Barcelona Cathedral. In addition, in the Gothic quarter there are the following main attractions: the Palace or Palau de La Generalitat and city hall Casa de La Ciutat on plaça Sant Jaume, the home of the archdeacon, Museum of history, Plaza del Rei, Plaza Nova, Plaza del PI.

The plaça Sant Jaume has appeared in the middle ages the Roman forum. It is located in the heart of the Gothic quarter between the Cathedral and the town hall. Directly on the square overlooking the Palace Palau de La Generalitat (the Catalan government) and Ajuntament or cassà de La Ciutat (city hall).

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The oldest buildings of the world

The oldest buildings of the world

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How to buy real estate, how many you can sell, in what country are there the most favorable conditions of real estate acquisition, etc. Erection of buildings, people paid great attention since ancient times. Before our time preserved some specimens of the architectural ideas of our forefathers. Such real estate cannot be bought, because it represents a universal value, then it optionally, you can admire, admiring the scale of thought.

On today’s significant architectural structure that we know today was built around three thousand BC in Egypt. We are talking about the pyramid of Djoser. This pyramid was the first structure of the kind in the history of mankind. It reaches a height of 60 meters. Another one of the masterpieces of ancient Egyptian architecture the pyramid of Sneferu in Meduma, the construction of which dates back to approximately 2 600 year BC.

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Ancient temples

Scientists: ancient temples can be residential houses

Archaeologists believe that ancient buildings which are considered to be the temples of our ancestors, could have had quite another purpose.

Ancient buildings, discovered in Turkey, are considered the oldest temples in the world. But archaeologist Ted Banning of the University of Toronto (Canada) thought that they had no exclusive religious purpose. The expert believes that the buildings of Göbekli Tepe were built for people and not gods, reports “Kompyulenta”.

Gobekli is a hill located near the town of Urfa. In 1995, Klaus Schmidt of the German archaeological Institute and colleagues from the Museum Lizbon (Turkey) discovered the remains of immense buildings with large stone pillars, many of which are carved snakes, Scorpions, foxes, and other animals.

The presence of works of art and significant efforts that were supposed to make builders and decorators, as well as the lack of evidence for any permanent settlement in the area made Schmidt and his colleagues to conclude that here was a sacred place, where pilgrims come, — a kind of Neolithic (or even Mesolithic) Delphi. Buildings more than ten thousand years.

Banning offers a different interpretation. It indicates Continue reading

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