York Minster


York Cathedral (York Minster) is the biggest Church in the UK, the greatest Gothic structure, which competes with Cologne Cathedral for the title of the largest medieval Church in Europe. The Cathedral is a work of architectural and stained glass art. In addition to the huge size of this Cathedral is famous for its Windows, they are recognized as the largest and most beautiful medieval stained glass Windows. The large window has 25 meters in height and covers an area of about 250 square meters. His full name is “the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York”.

The history of the Cathedral begins with a small Church built there in 627, specially for the baptism of king Edwin of Northumbria, which ten years later was renamed the Church of St. Peter. And only a few hundred years, in 1222, has started to build a Gothic Cathedral on the orders of Archbishop of York. The construction lasted more than a quarter Millennium.

Until our days the biggest Church in the UK is perfectly preserved, despite the fact that repeatedly burned. After the fire at the end of the nineteenth century, it became clear that the supporting structures of the Cathedral will not support the weight of the entire building. In this regard, in 1984 and in 2007 the building underwent major restoration work, however, the city authorities constantly watched that, in spite of everything, most architects kept the original look both inside and outside the building. Interestingly, during the restoration of the image of the virgin Mary nursing Jesus ‘ breast, was offensive, and now she is a more “censored” version and feeding baby from a bottle.

Of all changes the most important was the live coverage, which covers floor space inside the Cathedral, creating a vivid green under Gothic arches. For this purpose there were used special rolls based on recycled textiles, which is mounted on the grass. These coils are not used the soil, so that grass cover does not form any dirt. Lawn area is fifteen thousand square meters.

Among the visitors to York Minster is not only tourists who want to admire the Gothic appearance of the building and the wonderful stained-glass Windows, but also many local Catholics who believe the Cathedral is the true Temple of God, as the Cathedral is fully functioning. Currently it is the seat of the Archbishop of York and regularly held Catholic services.

Western towers of majestic York Minster have a clock with chimes and bells, and the bell Peter the Great is situated in the North-West tower. Fourteen bells of the South-West tower rings in a special way, this is a special technique of the English Church, known as the “variable ring”. The chimes in the clock of the Cathedral are regularly striking the quarter hours, and the Great Peter bell every hour. Bell South-West tower announce district AC ringing before Church services every Sunday and every Tuesday night, when the Cathedral bell ringers conduct rehearsals. York Cathedral is the first Cathedral in England, with the Carillon.

Furthermore York Minster is famed for its legendary stained glass Windows. Of course, one of the main attractions of the building is the Great West window, called the “Heart of York” and located right above the Lady chapel Chapl. The stained glass dates from the early fourteenth century and is the largest stained glass work in the world. It depicts saints, apostles and bishops. An interesting feature is the fact that here the apostles are not twelve, but eleven: the stained glass is missing Judas.

The biggest Church in the UK, York Minster . daily receives thousands of tourists who come to admire the wonderful architectural structure.

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York Minster
  York Cathedral (York Minster) is the biggest Church in the UK, the greatest Gothic structure, which competes with Cologne Cathedral for the title of the largest medieval Church in…

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